RIT Projects

Open Sauce Platform for Data Integration & Preparation

Open-source data integration and data preparation ecosystem (powered by Python)

This project, named as BigGorilla, consolidates and documents the different steps that are typically taken by data scientists to bring data from different sources into a single database to perform data analysis

Technology for Fostering Happiness


Our work is inspired by psychology research, especially a field known as The Science of Happiness.We are developing "Joybot" - an agent that helps you record your happy moments, generalizes from them, and helps you create plans that increase your happiness. 

Natural Language & Conversational Interface

Dataset Discovery Search Engine

We are working on advancing the state of the art of a set of technologies such as Named Entity Extraction, Information Extraction, Semantic Parsing, Synonym mining, and Conversational interfaces.

Meta-looking - name of the project - is a data discovery system for Recruit’s internal infrastructure. It enables users to search, monitor, and annotate the metadata which helps them discover the appropriate data to perform analysis.