BigGorilla: data integration and data preparation ecosystem

BigGorilla is an open-source data integration and data preparation ecosystem (powered by Python) to enable data scientists to perform integration and analysis of data. BigGorilla consolidates and documents the different steps that are typically taken by data scientists to bring data from different sources into a single database to perform data analysis.  For each of […]

Tom Mitchell

E. Fredkin University Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Mirella Lapata

Professor at University of Edinburgh School of Informatics

A search engine that meets our experiential needs

Online users always seek experiences. For example, travelers might look for a hotel with clean rooms and a lively bar, while dating couples might search for a restaurant with a romantic ambiance.  Close to 70% of experiential attributes are subjective. Moreover, these preferences are based on personal beliefs or feelings, not facts. Everyone is different.  […]

HappyDB: a happiness database of 100,000 happy moments

Understanding what makes people happy is essential to augment positive experiences. We built HappyDB, a crowd-sourced collection of 100,000 happy moments that we make publicly available. Our goal is to build NLP technology that understands how people express their happiness in text while achieving insights into happiness-leading events and scenarios on a scale. Moreover, we […]

OpineDB and Voyageur: subjective database systems

Customers seek travel experiences that fulfill their desires. However, e-commerce search engines only support queries involving objective attributes, such as location, price, and cuisine. Whereas, experiential data is relegated to text reviews. Therefore, a database system must model subjective data and process queries in the user’s own words to support experiential queries. At the same […]